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MHHJ in the News: The Hoya

headshot of Gene Demby and Marcia Chatelain
Gene Demby and Marcia Chatelain

The Georgetown-Howard Center for Medical Humanities and Health Justice (MHHJ), a partnership between universities to foster learning, research and engagement at the intersection of humanities and healthcare, welcomed award-winning historian Marcia Chatelain and NPR journalist Gene Demby to Georgetown University’s campus for a discussion about generational health memories and the potential of stories to improve health outcomes and counter injustices on March 26.

The talk, which was the center’s first public event since its inception in

2023, featured Chatelain, a professor of Africana studies at the University of Pennsylvania and former Georgetown professor of history and African American studies, and Demby, co-host of NPR’s “Code Switch,” a podcast about race and culture. The center’s executive directors, Lakshmi Krishnan and Dana Williams, focused the conversation around the center’s annual theme of lore, a term referring to the tradition of families and communities using stories to promote health and wellness. 


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