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Sherese Taylor Headshot

Sherese Taylor, MA,MS

Communications and Digital Marketing Director

Sherese's Story

Sherese is a seasoned digital marketing and communications professional, working with brands such as AFSCME, Goldman Sachs, and New York University. Her expertise extends to data analysis projects for the National Science Foundation and National Park Services, showcasing exceptional analytical prowess.

Possessing a master's degree in integrated marketing from NYU, Sherese has proven instrumental in crafting highly effective marketing strategies. Complementing this, she holds a Master of Arts in Sociology from Howard University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, illustrating a comprehensive cross-disciplinary background.

In addition to her professional achievements, Sherese has made noteworthy contributions to education, instructing English to Afro-Latinx students in Ecuador. Furthermore, her scholarly work has been featured in reputable publications such as Science, The London School of Economics History Blog, and The Encyclopedia of African Culture.

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